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The Cork Project

An extension library for Java enabled microcontrollers.

General Description

The idea is to create an open source library that would promote rapid development of applications for Java based controllers and allow us as developers to focus on the project rather than the drivers to support it.

The Cork project will live or die based upon the contributions and support of the community. For that reason I strongly promote the expression of ideas, criticisms and suggests. No idea is too small, no criticism will be ignored.

In order to make the library as complete as possible I would like to extend everyone the opportunity to submit drivers and code for inclusion into the library. Also, I personally do not have access to every device that might be included in the library, so people with the tools or other resources for proper development of a particular driver are encouraged to test what drivers do get provided and make improvements.

Quick Links

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  • Javadocs
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  • Open Source
  • I2C Drivers
  • Prebuilt drivers for several ICs
  • Supports Devantech devices


  • Interface with any I2C device
  • Device Control

  • The name Cork was a fairly random choice. When creating the project I had been thinking about a time when I drifted through Cork, Ireland having a very good time on the way.
    Brill Pappin - January 2003